First up a disclaimer I did not design the Tinderbox Theatre Company logo, although I would have been very proud of it. That credit goes to Daniel Greenhalgh.

Tinderbox Theatre Company is one of the most established companies in Northern Ireland. For over thirty three years, Tinderbox has championed new writing, producing world-class performances from Northern Irish writers to critical and international acclaim. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tinderbox to create posters and marketing material for their various productions.

Tinderbox certainly know the value of great photography. Every project has clear and deliberate images and it makes my life as a designer so much easier and the message ultimately a lot stronger.

Fun fact

Ubu The King type started off on my living room floor as a pile of floor on some foam core. I used a paint brush to push the flour into the letters. I spent too long on this and still have a million photos of flour textures on my iPhone that I imported into Photoshop.

Ubu The King written in flour.