Shannon Yee

Shannon Yee is an award winning playwright, a producer, a collaborator, a creator and a theatre maker. We created a home for a broad range of work that Shannon is involved in, a place to archive productions, awards and a place offer mentoring to other makers.

Shannon already has a unique logo/icon. I created vector versions of the printed logo so we could scale and edit the colours if required.

Shannon Yee logo.
Positive and negative alternative.

The website

The site is built on WordPress utilising the new full site editing features that were introduced with WordPress 5.9. Giving users the ability to add/remove/edit virtually any element of the website with increasing amount of customisation and controls. Creating a suite of pre-made patterns, which are designed layout sections that can be quickly inserted, edited and published very quickly, something that would have taken a long time previously and more often than not, it wasn’t even possible.

Previous design

The current version of Shannon’s website is a considerable update from the previous design which we publish in 2018. about page. children productions page.