Move Fit

Move Fit, a project developed by Maiden Voyage Dance, aimed to improve participant’s physical and emotional wellbeing and change attitudes to participating in regular physical activity. Our objective was to create a fun and engaging logo that would appeal to a young demographic as the program would initially start with primary school students.

Move Fit logo in colour.
Positive and negative alternatives of the Move Fit logo.

Did you know I’m also a trained dancer? And while I don’t perform much these days—I still have a great love and understanding of dance and movement. With this logo I wanted to instill a sense of movement. The letterforms are staggered onto different levels, pushed just enough whilst maintaining good legibility.

Move Fit Logo workings
Staggered level grid.

The logo type is based on Futura by Paul Renner and is accompanied by colourful geometric shapes that give it a lot of character. The shapes can be used as a motif in any branding required in the future.


Since Move Fit is project all about moving I thought it would be fitting to have some actual movement in the form of a short, simple animation with plenty of whimsy.

Move Fit logo animation.