Jamz NI

Jamz NI is the latest Street Dance competition to hit Northern Ireland.

This family event offers fantastic judge demonstration, battles and much more. Open to dancers of all ages with some awesome prizes for our winners.  Come compete with some of the best talent Northern Ireland has to offer.

Jamz NI

Our objective was to create a logo and supporting branding material that would appeal to the growing street dance community in Northern Ireland.

Jamz NI logo in colour.

The Logo

Belfast is an industrious city. I created a custom type with straight angular slabbed edges, something that wouldn’t look out of place embossed into steel in a factory. Paired the type with a bright red that would stand out against black and white photography that we wanted to use in our branding material.

Positive and negative alternatives.

Our marketing material required high quality photography that directly referenced the community and the environment where they are from, including the location of the competitions.