Humans Move

Humans Move led by Jessie Brett, creates inclusive dance performances and activities in Wales and Ethiopia, in which all bodies are welcome. Their work centres on inclusion and shifting perspectives through creating opportunities to exchange not only dance knowledge but also cultural, emotional and physical experiences. I worked with Jessie from Humans Move to create their first logo and website.

Humans Move logo in colour.
Positive and negative alternatives.

The typeface

I have a dance background and later on fell in love with design and typography. So when doing research for the typeface of a the logo of a dance company I stumbled upon a typeface that inspired by dance movements. Movement is a typeface design by Noel Pretorius and María Ramos. The project began as a collaboration with Design Indaba and the contemporary South African dancer Andile Vellem.

Andile’s performance became a departing point for the design. By tracking his movements and using the paths as a reference the letters found their shape.

Using the curves of the letter forms and linking the words together seemed very fitting of the mission of Humans Move.

The website

Built on WordPress, the site uses the Movement typeface. A series of words important to the company travel across as the user scrolls down the page.

The Humans Move homepage.