Grant Goldie

If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Grant Goldie perform, you’ll know how excited I was at the chance of designing his website. A world class performer, juggler and master manipulator and now proud website owner.

Built on WordPress, my CMS (Content Management System) of choice. The website archives all his shows for the public and bookers to browse and a bespoke tour page where Grant & Co can add/remove/edit upcoming shows as well archive past shows.

As you can see Grant has a ton of excellent, high quality photography which really captures his character, this made my job a lot easier and the goal was to allow the pictures to shine and provide only the absolutely necessary content.

Responsive Design

The website scales, squishes and reflows to fit every screen size imaginable to ensure everyone can access details on upcoming shows.

Responsive navigation.

Elements of surprise

One of the perks of working with a lot of artist would be how game they are for a little surprise & delight. The superb photographs gave me the perfect chance to create an animated GIF. It’s subtle but will land so well for those who happen to catch the eyes moving.

Did his eyes just move? The animated GIF over on


For those who’ve yet to experience Grant’s talents here’s a film Bus Stop we made in collaboration with AKenEvilThing and Tumble Circus. I painstakingly edited these shots together—it honestly would have been easier to clone Grant but perhaps not as fun.