Donal Scullion

Stop reading this an go and download a Donal Scullion track, I’ll wait. Ok you’re back, he’s good isn’t he? I met Donal during my ponydance days. We toured many a show together including Ponies Don’t Play Football.

Ahh we were happy then.

The Website

Where were we? Yes, I also built his website! Built on WordPress, Donal’s site archives he’s latest work and collaboration and keeps his growing fanbase up to speed on his latest gigs and performances. We wanted to give visitors a chance to hear some sounds so we created an interactive playlist that uses the SoundCloud API to pull in a playlist that Donal has access to. My favourite thing about designing this website was listening to Superpowers, his latest album at the time. homepage.

The portfolio section is comprised of a collection of tiles. Each tile is a transparent .png image, when you hover over each tile the background colour changes which shows through the transparent areas of the image. project tiles.

Icon design

I recreated the typical social icons in a hand drawn style with a fun spin when you hover over each icon.

‘Handicons’ on