Developing a logo and branding for an existing companies comes with limitations, these can be helpful, giving you direction and a place to start. Developing a logo and branding for a brand new company on the other hand you can have free rein. There’s no history, legacy colour, logo or brand to respect. This was the case for Creative a new venture for the team behind Ajendance and 5678 Elite Dance Co.

We created a logo system consisting of logo symbol and word-mark that could be used separately or in a variety of orientations to increase its flexibly.

Creative logo design system.

Logo system

If a logo fits into a square it’s not too tall or too wide. This is typically a good thing. But what if we had to use it on a banner advert that had limited hight/width? The visibility of the logo may suffer due to the restrictions. What if we created a logo system—a modular system of brand elements that can work as a collection or individually. An icon, a typeface, a motif for example.