Corey Baker Dance

Note: Ty Abiodun designed the logo type and initials.

Corey Baker Dance makes acclaimed film and performance work bridging entertainment, accessibility and artistry.  They celebrate movement, champion the environment and other causes they’re passionate about, and pride themselves on doing surprising things in unexpected ways.

Screenshot of the Dance Works page on
The horizontal scrolling portfolio.

The Website

The site is built on WordPress. Corey and his team have access to add/remove/update dance works and keep their growing audience updated on upcoming performances. Corey Baker Dance had a ton of great photography that captures the work so we centre the design around the photography. Each production is listed within a horizontal scrolling portfolio.

A screenshot of the Single Work Page on
The single work page on

Each production gets its own page with generous amounts of negative space and the images and description sits in the centre of the page. A subtle trick added to this page is the pastel accent background colour of the text changes hue every time you load the page.

Antarctica: The First Dance website.
Antarctica: The First Dance website.
Short video showing the interactive elements of