Blindful is a creative outlet and artistic venture. It comes from being curious about dance, circus and about sight. Blindful is run by Abbie Madden. Originally from Adelaide, Her interest in sight comes from being born with congenital glaucoma and living with the other conditions it resulted in. I collaborated with Abbie to create a logo, brand identity and website to archive Blindful projects. Our objective was to create a vibrant visual language that centred around sight.

Blindful logo in colour.

The Logo

We explored for a long time to find the right tone of the logo. Creating abstract shapes of eyes that ended up feeling too corporate, we wanted something that oozed creativity.

They type is a rounded version of Futura by Paul Renner. Whilst arranging the type against the eye I noticed the thin type resembled eye lashes so we ran with that idea. We discovered we wanted the eye to feel handmade and the challenged was to make sure it scaled well at small and large sizes. Thick black lines and punches bright colour palette makes the logo stand out.

Face bits.

Extra elements

After a lot of fun developing the logo, we wanted to create extra elements in a similar style, I created a series of eyes, noses and mouths we affectionately call ‘Face Bits’. homepage.

The Website

Built on WordPress, the site archives projects and keeps visitors up to speed on the latest performances. I wanted to try to incorporate the ‘Face Bits’ we’d developed. Using a touch of javascript you can move and arrange the ‘Face Bits’ to create you own Picasso style art whilst browsing the site.

Create your own Picasso on