Angel Yard

Angel Yard a newly opened osteopath practice based in Sileby wanted a logo and website to establish their business. I’ve attended many appointments at the osteopaths during my performing days, so I certainly know of the benefits of body manipulation.

Our objective

Our objective for the logo and branding was to create a friendly and approachable brand with a sense of professionalism. Kirsty really knows her stuff so we wanted to make sure her knowledge comes across too.

Angel Yard Logo
Angel Yard logo in colour.
Angel Yard Logo
Positive and negative alternatives of the Angel Yard icon.


For the logo type we chose Grad by Mark Simonson Studio. The type is traditional, with a lot of character and will fit in perfectly on the face of the building which sits on the high street in Sileby.

The icon

Early on we explored abstract rib cages and angel wings but there’s a danger of being too literal or even cliché. We incorporated the A and Y into a monogram, it’s subtle but makes for a unique shape that you could imagine forged into a cast iron gate. The icon also shows signs of the early rib cage shapes tried out.

Early sketch of the Angle Yard icon showing the A and Y monogram.

The website

One of the benefits of designing both the website and the logo simultaneously, is you can design each with both in mind to ensure they work well and compliment each other. From the colours to typography, everything is design to match the tone of the branding we were developing.

The Angel Yard website with optional accent colours on each page.

We matched Brandon Grotesque by HVD Fonts with Minion Pro by Robert Slimbach. Brandon Grotesque is one of the friendliest typefaces you’ll find and works very well on user interface elements like menus. Minion Pro is excellent for legibility for long form text areas.

Typeface: Brandon Grotesque.
Typeface: Minion Pro.

Colour palette

A series of complimentary pastels form our colour palette, to be used on the website and future marketing materials.

Angel Yard pastel colour palette.