A Revolutionary Circus Film Company. AKenEvilThing is the best and worst thing you’ll ever see. I’ve been working with Ken Fanning of Tumble Circus fame for many years and he’s the reason I started filmmaking. We needed a place to host our weird circus films and a kick ass logo to tie them all together.

AKenEvilThing works out of abandoned circus caravan, parked behind a Presbyterian church in East Belfast. Formed in 2008, after claiming a camcorder from the lost and found of the traveling circus they were performing for; they began shooting an experimental horror movie called “Cannibal Clowns from Planet Carlow”. 


The Logo

Inspired by 1950s movie type and Saul Bass style animations. The stacked logo type is Format Shards by Otherwhere Collective and comes in two forms a clean version and a shattered version. We created an animation on the website, when the user scrolls down the page the logo type shatters as you’re delving deeper into the world of AKenEvilThing.

The Website

Build on WordPress. The logo on the homepage shatters as you scroll deeper into the world of AKenEvilThing. Static noise over each video is a warning of the low budget nature of all of our projects. Watch at your own risk. Do though because they are great.

Short video showing the logo animation on akenevilthing.art