Active Wellbeing

Active Wellbeing is company ran by Gareth McGrillan who specialises in Amatsu therapy. Amatsu utilises natural movement to effect small changes within the structures of the body including soft tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Our objective was to create a logo and website that could facilitate the growth of the new company. Educating people to the existence of Amatsu Therapy and the benefits it can have.

Active Wellbeing logo in blue
Active Wellbeing logo in blue.

This is a gentle therapy, suitable for young and old alike. There are no hard adjustments in Amatsu, and the majority of patients find the treatment to be very relaxing.

The logo

Amatsu is a blending of practices some of which originate from Japan. I wanted to incorporate that into the icon of the logo, using geometric circles to create a flower and the connection to nature and symmetry gives the icon balance. The typeface is Moderat by TIGHTYPE™ a geometric sans-serif typeface that matches the icon perfectly.

Positive and negative alternatives of the Active Wellbeing icon.
Short animation of the elements that make up the Active Wellbeing logo.

The Website

The website is built on WordPress. Active Wellbeing have access to all areas of the site to keep it updated and maintained.

Screenshot of the Active Wellbeing website.
The homepage.
The news page.
The news page.