Fancy Redesign

It’s Autumn 2015 and I’ve finally published a new version of Many experiments later I feel I’ve landed on something that I like. It’s tricky designing for yourself. I found myself aiming to create some crazy unique layout but the sites I enjoy browsing are the ones that look, feel but more importantly work like they’re are supposed to. Hopefully that doesn’t mean boring, there’s always room to surprise and delight…

Kicking Ass with em’s and percentages

Don’t you just love those moments when a penny drops? I get those a lot when I’m designing, not because i’m soo smart but because there is so much to learn. When I read a blog post on a new technique—sure it makes sense but it’s not until you work on a real world example you get the ‘Ahhh’ moment. I had this recently when working on a top secret client site….