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  • Closing tinktank.in

    Update: Jan 4, 2017: I’m currently in the process of uploading all the theme to Github. It’s taking a little time to add documentation but eventually they’ll be available at https://github.com/neilorangepeel/. Feel free to contribute. Back to original post. Aw it’s time to say goodbye to tinktank.in ? I opened up Tink Tank way back in […]

  • Fancy Redesign

    Fancy Redesign

    It’s Autumn 2015 and I’ve finally published a new version of neilorangepeel.com. Many experiments later I feel I’ve landed on something that I like. It’s tricky designing for yourself. I found myself aiming to create some crazy unique layout but the sites I enjoy browsing are the ones that look, feel but more importantly work like […]

  • Introducing Tink Tank

    I recently launched Tink Tank, a WordPress theme hub with free themes designed for writers, bloggers, artists and basically anyone looking for a simple, clean online space to publish! I was spurred on to make Tink Tank after countless conversations with dance artists who needed a way to promote their work online but who also […]