CSS Colour Names

It’s funny how the internet works. Last year I created this mini resource of all the valid CSS colour names i.e. tomato. Mainly so I could reference them as I get a kick out of using names rather than #FF6347. Anyway the site sat there discreetly for a good 5 months then I guess someone stumbled upon it, tweeted it and suddenly I was get hundreds of tweets referencing the…

CSS Artwork

Recently I have been listening to David Kitt’s The Big Romance non stop. I was equally mesmerised by the albums artwork so I re-created it using HTML + CSS. Obviously drawing with CSS isn’t completely relevant but it does help me learn in a fun way. Both pens were featured on the front page of Codepen (a CSS playground of sorts) which was nice.

Kicking Ass with em’s and percentages

Don’t you just love those moments when a penny drops? I get those a lot when I’m designing, not because i’m soo smart but because there is so much to learn. When I read a blog post on a new technique—sure it makes sense but it’s not until you work on a real world example you get the ‘Ahhh’ moment. I had this recently when working on a top secret client site….