Happy New Year 2017

It’s 2017!! Can you believe it? 2016 was a whirlwind, celebrities dying, Brexit, Trump, we got the facepalm emoji ????‍♂️ and I turned 30! All of these things I did not expect to happen. It’s tradition on my blog to design a wee banner so here it is and I want to leave you with an inspirational quote The internet’s gonna be massive, I keep telling you. Jeremy Osborne –…

Future Present Past

I’m a huge fan of The Strokes and they have just announced that they’ll release a new EP called Future Present Past. I was so stoked by that awesome artwork I coded up (on Codepen) a little animation to go with it ????

Stage 2 Tanz.io: Starting

Read other posts in this series Funding for Tanz.io Stage 1 Tanz.io: Planning Stage 2 Tanz.io: Starting Stage 3 Tanz.io: Budgeting And so it begins. Last week we—me, myself, Leonie and Gareth headed into the studio make some art. We had 4 days in DRB to get as much footage as possible. The process I know artists love to talk about their process, well hear me out or humour me…

Happy New Year 2016

I missed last years traditional new years banner image. But I’m back on it with a Paul Rand inspired one this year! Peace and love everyone, here’s to a killer 2016! Cheers ????

CSS Artwork

Recently I have been listening to David Kitt’s The Big Romance non stop. I was equally mesmerised by the albums artwork so I re-created it using HTML + CSS. Obviously drawing with CSS isn’t completely relevant but it does help me learn in a fun way. Both pens were featured on the front page of Codepen (a CSS playground of sorts) which was nice.

.svg Selfy

Today I messed around with the vector tool in Sketch App. By hand I picked out the highlights of a photo and hand traced using the vector tool. It’s a little tricky to begin with but a great way to learn the vector tool just by using it. I know there is a way to do this automatically in Illustrator but I prefer the by-hand look.

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year Everyone, liven up your desktop with a fancy wallpaper I whipped up. Download it here.