• Funding for Tanz.io

    Read other posts in this series Funding for Tanz.io Stage 1 Tanz.io: Planning Stage 2 Tanz.io: Starting Stage 3 Tanz.io: Budgeting Some good news this morning, I received SIAP (Support for the Individual Artist) Funding for an online dance installation. I submitted my application in late July, it’s the first time I’ve applied for funding in Northern Ireland […]

  • Fancy Redesign

    Fancy Redesign

    It’s Autumn 2015 and I’ve finally published a new version of neilorangepeel.com. Many experiments later I feel I’ve landed on something that I like. It’s tricky designing for yourself. I found myself aiming to create some crazy unique layout but the sites I enjoy browsing are the ones that look, feel but more importantly work like […]

  • CSS Colour Names

    CSS Colour Names

    t’s funny how the internet works. Last year I created this mini resource of all the valid CSS colour names i.e. tomato. Mainly so I could reference them as I get a kick out of using names rather than #FF6347. Anyway the site sat there discreetly for a good 5 months then I guess someone […]

  • Dribbble Invites

    Dribbble Invites

    Hi all, after only a week on Dribbble, they have entrusted me with not one but two invites!! And I can’t promise I’ll use them wisely.  So send me your work peeps, drop a link to your various portfolios, etc and I’ll pop along and judge you—not judge! just look at it a bit. Follow […]

  • CSS Artwork

    CSS Artwork

    Recently I have been listening to David Kitt’s The Big Romance non stop. I was equally mesmerised by the albums artwork so I re-created it using HTML + CSS. Obviously drawing with CSS isn’t completely relevant but it does help me learn in a fun way. Both pens were featured on the front page of […]

  • CSS Design Awards

    CSS Design Awards

    I’m delighted to announce that ponydance.com is now a award winning website as well as an award winning dance company! I had as much fun creating this website as I do dancing for the “Frisky dance troup”—Leonie will kill me for that! Check us out front page and everything 🙂 http://www.cssdesignawards.com/

  • Free Social Icons

    Free Social Icons

    When working on a new project, I always find myself looking for a social media icon pack. Finding one that matches my design is never an easy job but I almost always just want the most simple icons, no sketchy nonsense, no mad gradients or reflections just the official logo’s. So I took it upon […]

  • Introducing Tink Tank

    I recently launched Tink Tank, a WordPress theme hub with free themes designed for writers, bloggers, artists and basically anyone looking for a simple, clean online space to publish! I was spurred on to make Tink Tank after countless conversations with dance artists who needed a way to promote their work online but who also […]

  • SVG Selfy

    SVG Selfy

    Today I messed around with the vector tool in Sketch App. By hand I picked out the highlights of a photo and hand traced using the vector tool. It’s a little tricky to begin with but a great way to learn the vector tool just by using it. I know there is a way to […]

  • Antisocial

    I decided to get rid of all my social media accounts. Apart from Twitter and Facebook. I really didn’t realise how many platforms I had a ‘presence’ on. A lot of these hadn’t been touched in months/years. MySpace – Ha! I didn’t take to it because of the HTML/CSS customisation! I now make websites… goes to show. LinkedIN – […]