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  • A Review of 2022

    A Review of 2022

    I’m sat in bed in Colorado where I’ve spent the last few weeks of the year. With my new Wife, Becca and her family. Looking back on one of the biggest years of my life, I feel proud of what I’ve achieved and positive of the year ahead. At the beginning of the year I […]

  • Photography For Beginners: Join us for the Winter Term at the Crescent

    Photography For Beginners: Join us for the Winter Term at the Crescent

    Tonight is the last photography class of the year @crescentartscentre. Just in time to let you know I’ll be teaching again next term and we’re introducing 2 new course to the mix. Photography For Beginners — 5 week course for those wanting to learn their camera and get full use out of it. Digital Photography for […]

  • Join us for the Autumn Term at Crescent Arts Centre

    Join us for the Autumn Term at Crescent Arts Centre

    Earlier this year I taught Photography for Beginners for the very first time. I honestly had a great time and I got some great feedback from the folks that signed up. This term I’m back and the course goes from 6 to 12 weeks. The stuff we could learn in 12 weeks is mind blowing […]

  • WordPress Profile Badges

    I checked out my profile on only to find a fancy yellow organisers badge… I’m lying this was the only reason I signed up to help organise WordCamp Belfast and it was all worth it for my new shiny badge. Grab yours by helping to organise at a WordCamp near you!

  • Happy 15th Birthday WordPress

    Happy 15th Birthday WordPress

    It’s amazing to think WordPress is 15 years old and in terms of the internet that’s a long time. We celebrated in style at the only WordCamp on the planet to fall on the 15 anniversary of the launch of the very first release.

  • Closing

    Update: Jan 4, 2017: I’m currently in the process of uploading all the theme to Github. It’s taking a little time to add documentation but eventually they’ll be available at Feel free to contribute. Back to original post. Aw it’s time to say goodbye to ? I opened up Tink Tank way back in […]

  • Deploying private repos

    Ugh I’ve done this before last year sometime. But for some reason couldn’t even begin to understand the concept of what I was doing nevermind actually doing it. So this is mainly for me in the future when I need to set up a SSH key between my server and GitHub. This video helped me […]

  • More Dribbble invites

    More Dribbble invites

    Finally more invites to give away. Is there anyone not on Dribbble? Do people still need invites? Why don’t they just open it up? I guess the invite only thing must be working for them. All. Interesting. Thoughts. But to the point in hand I have two invites that they have entrusted me with (I […]

  • Contributing to open source

    For the longest time I was annoyed by a small design bug when using the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. It really wasn’t much and probably speaks to my OCD more than anything but here it is… It’s probably too small to notice but the visual stats graph that’s displayed in the admin bar didn’t sit flush […]

  • A curated RSS feed

    A curated RSS feed

    I never really messed with RSS feeds much, it hasn’t cropped up with sites I’ve made and I’ve never had a personal use for them. Who still uses them? Are they still relevant? What services are out there? Saying this lately I have felt an urge for some reading—specifically blog posts. So decided to create a […]

  • Lenticular Cat Animation

    Lenticular Cat Animation

    Lenticular animation is typically created using clever lenses and printing techniques, I wanted to recreate the effect on the web using the same principles. How it works Take an animation and split it into frames. The cat I used for example, this one works particularly well as it’s a silhouette and a pretty recognisable shape that happens to loop […]

  • Emoji Domains

    Emoji Domains

    This turned out to be a bit of an expensive joke but I recently bought the domain 🍊.tk, It’s a freaking emoji domain name emoji? how cool it that? I wasn’t even aware it was possible but with a bit of research I manage to get it working. How it works You can’t just head over to […]

  • Phats


    I know folks like to laugh at people who track their runs on apps like Strava, I’ll admit I’ve lost a run due to some network glitch and had that thought… Ugh! that run was for nothing But I do enjoy tracking my runs,seeing my progress, geeking out over the stats and I get a kick […]

  • Wheelie Good Friends Tees Arrived

    Wheelie Good Friends Tees dropped on my doorstep this morning. Super stoked. Quality is epic. It took all my strength not to just rip it open and wear it. Read about making the t-shirt → The are here! Really chuffed at how these turned out. Huge thanks to Cotton Bureau, those guys really know how […]

  • Stage 3 Budgeting

    Read other posts in this series Funding for Stage 1 Planning Stage 2 Starting Stage 3 Budgeting If you haven’t already noticed these posts aren’t in any sort of order—not for the lack of trying but hey. Budgeting! whoop everyone’s favourite subject. I just thought I’d go through my experiences with […]

  • Wheelie Good Friends T-Shirt on Cotton Bureau

    Wheelie Good Friends T-Shirt on Cotton Bureau

    BUY: Wheelie Good Friends T-Shirt Last week I submitted my first design to Cotton Bureau, an insanely high quality place to buy and sell t-shirts. I must own 5 different shirts from top designers and the quality of the production: the printing, the inks and the garments are all best you can get. Cotton Bureau […]

  • Future Present Past

    Future Present Past

    I’m a huge fan of The Strokes and they have just announced that they’ll release a new EP called Future Present Past. I was so stoked by that awesome artwork I coded up (on Codepen) a little animation to go with it 🤘

  • Stage 2 Starting

    Read other posts in this series Funding for Stage 1 Planning Stage 2 Starting Stage 3 Budgeting And so it begins. Last week we—me, myself, Leonie and Gareth headed into the studio make some art. We had 4 days in DRB to get as much footage as possible. The process I […]

  • Stage 1 Planning

    Read other posts in this series Funding for Stage 1 Planning Stage 2 Starting Stage 3 Budgeting In the interest of transparency I’m gonna document my process from idea to completion—being optimistic by using the word completion and pessimistic by feeling the need to point out why I’m using the word […]

  • Cut me and I bleed merch

    Cut me and I bleed merch

    At the time of writing Pony Panto is a matter of weeks away (few tickets left We are well on the way of producing a range of high quality unique merchandise, perfect for stocking…bla bla blah. Here’s a little insight into how it’s going. Calendar It’s ponydance tradition to whip up out own Cliff Richard style […]

  • Funding for

    Read other posts in this series Funding for Stage 1 Planning Stage 2 Starting Stage 3 Budgeting Some good news this morning, I received SIAP (Support for the Individual Artist) Funding for an online dance installation. I submitted my application in late July, it’s the first time I’ve applied for funding in Northern Ireland […]

  • Fancy Redesign

    Fancy Redesign

    It’s Autumn 2015 and I’ve finally published a new version of Many experiments later I feel I’ve landed on something that I like. It’s tricky designing for yourself. I found myself aiming to create some crazy unique layout but the sites I enjoy browsing are the ones that look, feel but more importantly work like […]

  • CSS Colour Names

    CSS Colour Names

    t’s funny how the internet works. Last year I created this mini resource of all the valid CSS colour names i.e. tomato. Mainly so I could reference them as I get a kick out of using names rather than #FF6347. Anyway the site sat there discreetly for a good 5 months then I guess someone […]

  • Dribbble Invites

    Dribbble Invites

    Hi all, after only a week on Dribbble, they have entrusted me with not one but two invites!! And I can’t promise I’ll use them wisely.  So send me your work peeps, drop a link to your various portfolios, etc and I’ll pop along and judge you—not judge! just look at it a bit. Follow […]

  • CSS Artwork

    CSS Artwork

    Recently I have been listening to David Kitt’s The Big Romance non stop. I was equally mesmerised by the albums artwork so I re-created it using HTML + CSS. Obviously drawing with CSS isn’t completely relevant but it does help me learn in a fun way. Both pens were featured on the front page of […]

  • CSS Design Awards

    CSS Design Awards

    I’m delighted to announce that is now a award winning website as well as an award winning dance company! I had as much fun creating this website as I do dancing for the “Frisky dance troup”—Leonie will kill me for that! Check us out front page and everything 🙂

  • Free Social Icons

    Free Social Icons

    When working on a new project, I always find myself looking for a social media icon pack. Finding one that matches my design is never an easy job but I almost always just want the most simple icons, no sketchy nonsense, no mad gradients or reflections just the official logo’s. So I took it upon […]

  • Introducing Tink Tank

    I recently launched Tink Tank, a WordPress theme hub with free themes designed for writers, bloggers, artists and basically anyone looking for a simple, clean online space to publish! I was spurred on to make Tink Tank after countless conversations with dance artists who needed a way to promote their work online but who also […]

  • SVG Selfy

    SVG Selfy

    Today I messed around with the vector tool in Sketch App. By hand I picked out the highlights of a photo and hand traced using the vector tool. It’s a little tricky to begin with but a great way to learn the vector tool just by using it. I know there is a way to […]