WordPress 6.5 Regina

WordPress 6.5 Regina is available for download. Big effort from everyone in the community and there is a ton of new features packed into this one. Many of which will be of interest to developers, lot’s of new API functions to play with, these are the foundations of what’s to come to end users.

There’s some exciting features for font lovers. The font library has arrived. Users and designers can now upload, edit and fetch fonts from places like Google Fonts right from inside WordPress (other font repositories will likely make use of the font library API).

It’s surprising this feature has only just landed but it’s the result of a huge effort over years making sure this will be the place to manage your fonts within WordPress.

Screenshot of the font manager in WordPress.
Font Library. Manage your fonts from within WordPress and use them throughout your site.

Read more on what’s packed into WordPress 6.5 over on wordpress.org and keep an eye out for my name included in the contributors list which can be found on the credits tab when you update WordPress. 👋

Screenshot of a huge list of WordPress contributor names credited in the 6.5 release of the software.
My name amongst the many WordPress 6.5 contributors.


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