Lately, I’ve been working on my website in the evenings. It’s been fun! It reminds me of the early days, staying up late learning, coding, breaking things, fixing things. I’ve put this down to a few things, all the drama about social media has made me fall in love with my own site, posts and images and the thought of that being lost sucks and I want to pour love into my site again and enjoy it, even if it’s just for me.

There’s also been a lot of development in the WordPress space and it’s really come to a great point since the WordPress 6.3 update. Designing in the editor is getting there. It can still be a little frustrating but each big release—and there are many each year, comes a ton of quality of life improvements, new features, bug fixes and things I’ll not get my head around for a few years and that fine by me, gives me something to aim for.


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