The Billingslea's and The Hainsworth's begin silly in the snow after a day of sledding down the hills on a sunny but chilly Colorado morning.
The Billinglsea’s and the newlyweds The Hainsworth’s

I’m sat in bed in Colorado where I’ve spent the last few weeks of the year. With my new Wife, Becca and her family. Looking back on one of the biggest years of my life, I feel proud of what I’ve achieved and positive of the year ahead.

At the beginning of the year I had a few goals that I wanted to complete but in all honestly, I probably didn’t think I’d get through them all if I’m judging these types of lists I’ve made at the beginning of previous years.

2022 goals

  • ✅ Earn enough money
  • ✅ Buy an engagement ring
  • ✅ Propose to Becca
  • ✅ Move in with Becca
  • ✅ Get (legally) married
  • ✅ Learn to drive
  • ✅ Pass driving theory
  • ✅ Pass driving practical
  • ✅ Apply for spousal VISA

Huge life updates. I’m super proud of the year and I very rarely think like that so I’m gonna enjoy it whilst the feeling lasts.

The next year, 2023, could equally be as important. Me and Becca are awaiting the results of our VISA so that alone could make or break the year. But whatever happens we’ll figure it out. Come on 2023 let’s have it!


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