The test is done the results are in. I passed! But it was a wild ride. Me and my instructor had a two hour lesson planned before my test and all was going swimmingly… until the car broke down.

The relief of passing first time

We stopped off at a garage for a pasty, obviously. The car failed to start as the battery had died. It’s 1:10pm and it’s about 40 minutes until my test appointment and we’re probably 15 minutes away. My instructor has jump leads and calls a buddy to swing by but it’s getting late in the day. We chance our arm and ask some lads in a van for a jump start. The car is all hooked up to the lads van and it won’t start! After several minutes of trying we check the cables and they’re not fitted correctly, after a quick readjustment—the sweet sound of fossil fuels purring around the engine. IT LIVES! We jump back in the car and make it to the test centre just in time and I’m hurried in to sign some paperwork.

The test

The test itself was ropey. After pulling over safely, I forget to put the car into first gear and we roll back “Oops, my bad” I say and off we go. In my head I’ve failed but somehow it relaxed me and I was just driving after that. Rest was great apart from a close call with and oncoming bus, I should have held back to let it pass. My examiner was super sound and mentioned both these faults after the test.

“…these could have easily been serious faults if you didn’t dealt with them so well, it was a great drive, you’ve passed, congratulations”

The soundest of examiners

I almost kissed him. We were both wearing masks but I was so delighted I would have made it work. I’m deliriously happy, I can drive, I have a licence! It sounds silly but I’ve never been interested in driving and somehow considered it out of my reach but the love of Mini’s and the need to transport my filming gear convinced me to drive.

I would like that thank Becca my beautiful wife. They say couples shouldn’t teach each other to drive and they maybe right but she was amazing. Handled my tantrums well and I’m so grateful to have her by my side as I learned in Marshal our adorable Mini.

And thank you to my dearest friend Emily for accompanying me on a few drives whilst Becca was away and my instructor obviously—he won’t appreciate a namecheck so I just say thanks.

Now to ride my bicycle because cars suck, most of the time.


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