Update: Jan 4, 2017: I’m currently in the process of uploading all the theme to Github. It’s taking a little time to add documentation but eventually they’ll be available at https://github.com/neilorangepeel/. Feel free to contribute. Back to original post.

Aw it’s time to say goodbye to tinktank.in ?

I opened up Tink Tank way back in July 2013 and published a total of 16 themes. With over 100,000 downloads, some free, some sales. I haven’t released a new theme in a good while and the themes that were up there were being maintained but were starting to show their age visually. So I’ve taken them down, I’m happy to answer any questions about current installations but all themes will be retired. Maybe I’ll put them on GitHub if people are interested.

What’s next?

Well since January i’ve been working on my new WordPress theming venture, one that focuses on designs suitable for artists. Hopefully the first iteration of this will be released by the end of the year. I’m super excited for you to see it.

In the meantime thanks for downloading!


  1. Sorabh Tomar avatar

    Please put your themes on Github. And do inform me via email at hi@sorabhtomar.com

  2. Jessica Hadleigh avatar

    Hello we saved your Balance Theme on Creative Market as our chosen one while my friend finished her illustrations to go on the website and now the theme has gone. Any chance I can get it directly from you?

    I’m pretty desperate for it as we went through loads and it was the only one she really liked.

    1. Neil Hainsworth avatar

      @Jessica Hadleigh: Hi Jessica, send me an email and I’ll forward you the theme.

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