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On February 27, a friend of a friend, Britten Olinger, was in a terrible car accident. He was hit by an erratic driver in Black Mountain, NC. Britten is currently in ICU at Mission Hospital Trauma Center in Asheville, NC. I’ve only met Britten once or twice before but I know of him, his reputation upheld by people who know and love him speaks to the fact he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

My friend Ingrid got in touch about putting together a logo to help with the fundraising campaign Britten’s sister had set up to support him and his family. Through the power of the internet many people have gave a little which is going to make a massive difference to his and his family journey ahead, I encourage anyone to read more about Britten’s story and contribute anything you can to this massively worthy cause.

The design

My brother will never walk again. Britten has spent the last 10 years teaching athletes how to run. He has been a track and cross country coach for all of his adult life. He is currently coaching track at Montreat College in Black Mountain, NC. To say that my brother loves to run is an understatement. He has studied the art of running, he has mastered the technique, and he has supported numerous athletes in his coaching career. We have faith that God has a plan; there is a reason and Britten has the will.

Nancy Quesenberry (Britten’s Sister)

Britten is a runner, a good runner so using this in the logo was an obvious direction to go in. I looked at the Noun Project for running icons and used one or two against some simple type. But none of them seemed suitable for this sensitive campaign.

After snooping around his facebook images I found a few photos of him doing his thing and tried to use his image and incorporate the into the logo.

The result. Using his silhouette accompanied by a rounded version of the typeface Futura using his Montreat College colours blue and gold.

Please take a look at the Facebook and GoFundMe pages.


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    Just wonderful and touching for your efforts

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