Phat demo

I know folks like to laugh at people who track their runs on apps like Strava, I’ll admit I’ve lost a run due to some network glitch and had that thought…

Ugh! that run was for nothing

But I do enjoy tracking my runs,seeing my progress, geeking out over the stats and I get a kick when I find out I’ve ran a personal best.

So I made a super simple web app using the Strava API. It pulls in the total amount of kilometres ran/cycled this year. I hoping it will encourage me to run/cycle a little more the next year. The data is overlapped and the colours are multiplied using CSS.

mix-blend-mode: multiply;

When you hover over the respective icon it reveals the relevant data. It won’t work on all browsers but I hardly care as i’m the only one interested in how far i’ve ran this year.

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