Wheelie Good Friends Tees dropped on my doorstep this morning. Super stoked. Quality is epic. It took all my strength not to just rip it open and wear it.

Wheelie Good Friends animation.

Read about making the t-shirt →

The are here! Really chuffed at how these turned out. Huge thanks to Cotton Bureau, those guys really know how to make nice tees. They are super soft and you can barely feel the ink. Made this goofy stop motion of me opening the package (nice job on the branded packaging btw CB) . Took all my strength not to rip it open and just wear it but made for a fun little video.

Thanks to everyone who bought one. I heard a few people got stung with an import tax, I didn’t realise that was a thing until not, super sorry about that and thanks again.

Keep rollin’ friends.


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