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Last week I submitted my first design to Cotton Bureau, an insanely high quality place to buy and sell t-shirts. I must own 5 different shirts from top designers and the quality of the production: the printing, the inks and the garments are all best you can get.

Cotton Bureau is not a labor of love. It’s a business. It also just so happens to be the best place to buy and sell t-shirts on the Internet

With ponydance we’ve made some awesome t-shirts over the years and we try to balance quality and affordability, we do it for the love of making and to get our name out there so it doesn’t make sense doing a premium t-shirt that we’d almost certainly with make a loss on. But i’ve alway had an itch to make on of those beautifully screen printed shirts that are soft to the touch just like the ones on Cotton Bureau so I just submitted my design there.

How it works

Once you have you design submit it for review, the designs are heavily curated to ensure an overall high standard on the site, they often boast on twitter about their around 10% acceptance rate…

This is all just leading up to me telling you my design got accepted and is currently available to purchase. I’m super stoked, we’ve selected water-based inks, available in three different colourways.

But before I get too cocky, t-shirts only go to print if you sell 12 or more units otherwise it won’t see the light of day. That’s where you come in! Go grab one now, help my design come to life like Pinocchio when Geppetto wished for him to be a real boy.

The Design

Wheelie Good Friends are a gang of us in Belfast who have deep affection for our bikes, we even wrote a poem about it called “The Shoreline Path” that I’m almost certainly never gonna share with you. We made up a bunch of t-shirts last year for our big cycle around Strangford Loch, NI, because making your own shit is gas, why buy a shitty Topman t-shirt when you can design and print your own for cheaper.

Design features two typefaces Clayton and Millie by Kyle Wayne Benson and little handdrawn bike and tandem.

So grab a one for you and your best wheelie good friend, I’d really freaking appreciate it, but it won’t be just a favour you’d also get a sweet t-shirt made to the highest standard!

If it’s not your kind of thing I get it, sure—share it with someone who might dig it, fanx mate.

BUY: Wheelie Good Friends T-Shirt

…Pssst you can get a cheeky 10% off using code: FFTSRM6Y at the checkout, keep it on the down low, yeah?


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