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Some good news this morning, I received SIAP (Support for the Individual Artist) Funding for an online dance installation. I submitted my application in late July, it’s the first time I’ve applied for funding in Northern Ireland so I was unsure how it would turn out, needless to say i’m delighted to get support for the project.

Is the name of the project. “Tanz” meaning dance in German and “io” meaning input/output basic computing language. The idea is to create a series of online dance installations, accessible at anytime through a web browser instead of using a traditional theatre or gallery space as the venue.

The funding will cover 4 days in a studio with 2 dancers and a videographer. It’s great to get the funding as now it means it’s definitely happening, sometimes you have these ideas but you can’t invest time into them because of financial restrictions. On the other hand it’s DEFINITELY HAPPENING! I have to do this now, it’s a little scary, I’m certainly punching above my weight and I have no idea how to technically achieve some of the ideas I want to do but I’ll just have to learn right? If you want to be able to do something you just have to bleeding learn how to do it.

Google search: “How to make a series of online dance installations that are totally original and make me look awesome in front of my peers?!”

I’m going to document the process in the open here so if you’re interested in all the failings and successes AND stresses you know where to find them.

On a side note couple of my friends both received SIAP as well and I think it’s a great testament to the talent here in Belfast and the great work they have done and will do with support from the Art Council NI.

Congratulations GarethAbbie and Eileen


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