t’s funny how the internet works. Last year I created this mini resource of all the valid CSS colour names i.e. tomato. Mainly so I could reference them as I get a kick out of using names rather than #FF6347. Anyway the site sat there discreetly for a good 5 months then I guess someone stumbled upon it, tweeted it and suddenly I was get hundreds of tweets referencing the site. Nice to know that other people get a kick out of using papayawhip and goldenrod. The <Code> on this version of my site is set in hotpink a current favourite of mine.


  1. WoutervanderZee avatar

    Yes, it’s great: simple + handy + colorful!

  2. kerakaru avatar

    Nice page(s) and handy if needed. A thought: what about adding anchors (e.g. id’s) to each colour, so it could be directly linked a la … and step further: adding for example GitHub style anchor link on hover so it is easy to copy link to particular colour.

    1. Neil Hainsworth avatar

      Both great ideas! Will look to add those soon.

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