Hi all, after only a week on Dribbble, they have entrusted me with not one but two invites!! And I can’t promise I’ll use them wisely.  So send me your work peeps, drop a link to your various portfolios, etc and I’ll pop along and judge you—not judge! just look at it a bit.

Follow me on these things (not required I just want someone to talk to)


  1. Neil Hainsworth avatar

    Would be cool to have some from Middlesbrough. I’m not biased just looking after my own 🙂

  2. Freddy avatar

    I’m not from Middlesbrough, but i’ll try my luck. Thank you for the chance to become part of the dribble community. cheers http://www.fredericmejiaduran.de

  3. Awilson089 avatar

    Hi 🙂 my portfolio is http://www.aawilson.co.uk, im a young web designer from Leeds looking to get onto dribble to drive me to improve and expand my skills.

  4. almost_dao avatar

    O God, I really need it :3 http://www.behance.net/zverokot

  5. Nikita Kanukov avatar

    I would love to get @dribbble invite ! 😀 Please take a look at my Portfolio – http://www.behance.net/gallery/Thumbelina-A-Journey-to-a-Dream/5578181

  6. Shaan Singh avatar

    Young designer & developer. Trumpet player. High schooler. Addicted to @Dribbble. Lives @ http://www.shaansingh.me.

  7. Dave Grey avatar

    Hey Neil, I’m from Wales, not Middlesbrough, but I did love Jeff Stelling’s legendary rant. Would love to be on Dribbble, my pixel art portfolio is at http://www.behance.net/davegrey. Thanks for the consideration.

    1. Neil Hainsworth avatar

      Aye that man did us proud. Where in Wales you from, I lived in Cardiff for a while super nice city. Hung out in Newport as well.

      1. Dave Grey avatar

        Grew up far away from civilization down in Pembrokeshire in the south west. Always enjoy visiting Cardiff, lovely place, I live in Bristol at the moment so not too far away.

  8. Tijn Hoyng avatar

    Neil! You can see my portfolio here: http://www.themanbehind.nl Would be great if you can give me some feedback as well!

  9. andiefairlie avatar

    Hi Neil. I draft.im’d a shot the other day http://draft.im/andrew-fairlie/ and also more to be found at http://redcarrot.co.uk/

  10. Kai Yu Hsu avatar

    Hi Neil, from Canada here. Would really love a Dribble invite to showcase some of my work to give back to the Dribble community and hopefully help spread inspiration. My portfolio can be found here: http://www.tehkaiyu.com/

  11. Kaiyu Hsu avatar

    Hi Neil. Student in Canada here, I would love a invite to showcase my work with the Dribbble community. My portfolio can be found here: http://www.tehkaiyu.com/

  12. mos avatar

    http://www.ooomos.com , dribbble account http://www.dribbble.com/ooomos , give me some of your luck 😀

  13. paulina llamas avatar

    Graphic designer from Mexico City
    behance.net/pauflames 🙂

  14. Curtis Scoville avatar

    Heres some of my work:


  15. lanvinpierre avatar

    Hey it’s Pierre (lanvinpierre) I haven’t set up a portfolio yet but here’s some of my work. I’m quite known as an artist in the sneaker industry and I love how dribbble comes as a community to artists and can interact with each other. It’ll be quite fun if I get to join you guys at dribbble. Looking forward to making rebounds. Hope you can help thanks. 🙂

  16. Meghan avatar

    Hi Neil, would love to be part of the Dribbble Community! I’m a Graphic/UX Designer from Vancouver. Check out my board of “Practice Shots” http://bit.ly/1cCIxqt, and/or my actual portfolio: http://meghankuntz.com/

  17. Neil Hainsworth avatar

    Thanks a million for sharing all your great work. I sent out the invites 🙂 hopefully I’ll get some more soon.

  18. NoxFlamm avatar

    My portfolio nox.pp.ua

  19. Jules Cheung avatar

    Heya! I’ll try my luck 🙂 http://www.juliecheung.me . Thanks for offering, and happy dribbbling!

  20. Ashok avatar

    graphic designer from India


  21. davitto avatar

    Hi Neil, find my work at http://www.davidhuynh.se, my email is davitto@davidhuynh.se take care

  22. Nicole Love avatar

    Are these still up for grabs? If so…

    Portfolio: http://www.nicolelovedesigner.com

    Dribbble Profile: http://dribbble.com/nicolelove.designer

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Flavio Vincenti avatar

    Do you still have those invites?

  24. Laura avatar

    Hi Neil,
    Would really appreciate a dribbble invite. Thanks for your time!

  25. AppVizzle avatar

    Love to have an invite! Here’s my icon for my iOS app, Secret Menu for Starbucks

    email – appvizzle at gmail.com

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