I recently launched Tink Tank, a WordPress theme hub with free themes designed for writers, bloggers, artists and basically anyone looking for a simple, clean online space to publish!

I was spurred on to make Tink Tank after countless conversations with dance artists who needed a way to promote their work online but who also had zero – limited budgets. That and because I found it increasingly difficult to see so many amazing dance companies and artists publish websites that despite so much effort, simply did not do their work justice.

This was the same reason I, myself, had gotten into web development in the first place. I couldn’t afford a web designer but new an online presence was key in getting my work seen and heard.

We artists are resilient, stubborn creatures with an inexplainable need for control. We would also rather give up our right leg than fork out loads of hard-earned $£€¥’s to someone who doesn’t understand our work or process. However, we also know that any type of DIY’s gives us a sense of ownership that empowers us to continuing be masters of our own destinies. (Yes, I’m being deadly serious!)

So That’s where Tink Tank comes in. Each design is simple and leaves your content to do the talking. The designs are also flexible so your photos, videos and artworks all take center stage.

I love working with WordPress so all Tink Tank themes are built through WordPress. WordPress gives you an incredible content management system (CMS) that’s super easy to use and update. Each theme comes with a video overview giving you a step-by-step guide to installing and setting up your themes.

Check out the site! www.tinktank.in.
There’ll be new themes added all the time so stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter for the latest. If you have any question, just email me at howdy@tinktank.in


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