Dribbble Invites

Dribbble Invites

Hi all, after only a week on Dribbble, they have entrusted me with not one but two invites!! And I can’t promise I’ll use them wisely.  So send me your work peeps, drop a link to your various portfolios, etc and I’ll pop along and judge you—not judge! just look at it a bit.

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  1. Would be cool to have some from Middlesbrough. I’m not biased just looking after my own 🙂

  2. I’m not from Middlesbrough, but i’ll try my luck. Thank you for the chance to become part of the dribble community. cheers http://www.fredericmejiaduran.de

  3. Awilson089

    Hi 🙂 my portfolio is http://www.aawilson.co.uk, im a young web designer from Leeds looking to get onto dribble to drive me to improve and expand my skills.

  4. almost_dao

    O God, I really need it :3 http://www.behance.net/zverokot

  5. Nikita Kanukov

    I would love to get @dribbble invite ! 😀 Please take a look at my Portfolio – http://www.behance.net/gallery/Thumbelina-A-Journey-to-a-Dream/5578181

  6. Shaan Singh

    Young designer & developer. Trumpet player. High schooler. Addicted to @Dribbble. Lives @ http://www.shaansingh.me.

  7. Hey Neil, I’m from Wales, not Middlesbrough, but I did love Jeff Stelling’s legendary rant. Would love to be on Dribbble, my pixel art portfolio is at http://www.behance.net/davegrey. Thanks for the consideration.

    1. Aye that man did us proud. Where in Wales you from, I lived in Cardiff for a while super nice city. Hung out in Newport as well.

      1. Grew up far away from civilization down in Pembrokeshire in the south west. Always enjoy visiting Cardiff, lovely place, I live in Bristol at the moment so not too far away.

  8. Tijn Hoyng

    Neil! You can see my portfolio here: http://www.themanbehind.nl Would be great if you can give me some feedback as well!

  9. andiefairlie

    Hi Neil. I draft.im’d a shot the other day http://draft.im/andrew-fairlie/ and also more to be found at http://redcarrot.co.uk/

  10. Kai Yu Hsu

    Hi Neil, from Canada here. Would really love a Dribble invite to showcase some of my work to give back to the Dribble community and hopefully help spread inspiration. My portfolio can be found here: http://www.tehkaiyu.com/

  11. Hi Neil. Student in Canada here, I would love a invite to showcase my work with the Dribbble community. My portfolio can be found here: http://www.tehkaiyu.com/

  12. http://www.ooomos.com , dribbble account http://www.dribbble.com/ooomos , give me some of your luck 😀

  13. paulina llamas

    Graphic designer from Mexico City
    behance.net/pauflames 🙂

  14. Curtis Scoville

    Heres some of my work:


  15. lanvinpierre

    Hey it’s Pierre (lanvinpierre) I haven’t set up a portfolio yet but here’s some of my work. I’m quite known as an artist in the sneaker industry and I love how dribbble comes as a community to artists and can interact with each other. It’ll be quite fun if I get to join you guys at dribbble. Looking forward to making rebounds. Hope you can help thanks. 🙂

  16. Hi Neil, would love to be part of the Dribbble Community! I’m a Graphic/UX Designer from Vancouver. Check out my board of “Practice Shots” http://bit.ly/1cCIxqt, and/or my actual portfolio: http://meghankuntz.com/

  17. Thanks a million for sharing all your great work. I sent out the invites 🙂 hopefully I’ll get some more soon.

  18. My portfolio nox.pp.ua

  19. Jules Cheung

    Heya! I’ll try my luck 🙂 http://www.juliecheung.me . Thanks for offering, and happy dribbbling!

  20. graphic designer from India


  21. Hi Neil, find my work at http://www.davidhuynh.se, my email is davitto@davidhuynh.se take care

  22. Nicole Love

    Are these still up for grabs? If so…

    Portfolio: http://www.nicolelovedesigner.com

    Dribbble Profile: http://dribbble.com/nicolelove.designer

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Flavio Vincenti

    Do you still have those invites?

  24. Hi Neil,
    Would really appreciate a dribbble invite. Thanks for your time!

  25. Love to have an invite! Here’s my icon for my iOS app, Secret Menu for Starbucks

    email – appvizzle at gmail.com

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