CSS Colour Names

It’s funny how the internet works. Last year I created this mini resource of all the valid CSS colour names i.e. tomato. Mainly so I could reference them as I get a kick out of using names rather than #FF6347. Anyway the site sat there discreetly for a good 5 months then I guess someone stumbled upon it, tweeted it and suddenly I was get hundreds of tweets referencing the site. Nice to know that other people get a kick out of using papayawhip and goldenrod. The <Code> on this version of my site is set in hotpink a current favourite of mine.



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  1. WoutervanderZee

    Yes, it’s great: simple + handy + colorful!

  2. Nice page(s) and handy if needed. A thought: what about adding anchors (e.g. id’s) to each colour, so it could be directly linked a la http://colours.neilorangepeel.com/tomato … and step further: adding for example GitHub style anchor link on hover so it is easy to copy link to particular colour.

    1. Both great ideas! Will look to add those soon.

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